Aim: That pupils develop a sense of place and people.

The curriculum drivers: Vocabulary, Identity, Locality and Personality (VILP) tackle the challenges our pupils face and are interwoven throughout the learning.

Vocabulary: Key to success in Geography is the ability to communicate about the human and physical geography of the planet. Children need an extensive vocabulary of terms for this communication to be accurate and precise.

Identity: A knowledge of where we come from, builds our sense of place and where we fit in the world. This makes us more resilient and confident to tackle life.

Locality: Learning about what shapes our world around us, the physical features and the human develops motivation and curiosity.

Personality: We are led by those who have come before us and those who are striving now to further the collective fount of human knowledge. We can be inspired by them to achieve greatness.

Our curriculum is structured and supported through the use of a published scheme – Kapow Primary’s Geography scheme. We have chosen this scheme of work to inspire pupils to become curious and explorative thinkers with a diverse knowledge of the world; in other words, to think like a geographer. Kapow Primary’s Geography scheme of work enables pupils to meet the end of key stage attainment targets in the National curriculum. The aims also align with those in the National curriculum.

We want pupils to develop the confidence to question and observe places, measure and record necessary data in various ways, and analyse and present their findings. Through our curriculum, we aim to build an awareness of how Geography shapes our lives at multiple scales and over time. We hope to encourage pupils to become resourceful, active citizens who will have the skills to contribute to and improve the world around them.

Our curriculum encourages:

• A strong focus on developing both geographical skills and knowledge.

• Critical thinking, with the ability to ask perceptive questions and explain and analyse evidence.

• The development of fieldwork skills across each year group.

• A deep interest and knowledge of pupils’ locality and how it differs from other areas of the world.

• A growing understanding of geographical terms and vocabulary.

Geography is taught as a discrete subject in blocked units.

When planning and delivering geography lessons teachers consider the unique circumstances of Halwin School alongside the needs of the pupils in their class. There are opportunities for assessment build into each lesson, enabling teacher to identify where further reinforcement of key concepts may be required.

Geography Rolling Programme