Halwin School Curriculum Drivers
Jan 2023 V1.0

A child who can read, write and communicate well with a good vocabulary is a more confident child.
Research indicates the importance of an extensive vocabulary for educational and life success. At Halwin School we aim to build on the words the children choose orally and in their writing as well as in their reading. These develop to the higher level more technical language required to have success in all the curriculum subject areas.

A child who knows themselves is a more confident child, has clearer aspirations and greater resilience. In developing their identity the children are building their emotional intelligence, a key to future life success. Areas such as self-awareness, emotional regulation, social skills, a growth mindset and intra-personal skills are developed.

A child who has a sense of place is a confident child. Knowing our own rural locality brings a sense of belonging and connection to place into the children’s lives. Having this clear, along with knowledge of local identity and it’s place in the broader world develops world citizens in our children.

A child who is inspired by others and who understands about people develops aspiration. Understanding and being inspired by the work of others lifts aspiration in our children. One day it could be them. From personality we can also reflect upon equality issues and protected characteristics, developing good future citizens of our society.

Halwin School Curriculum Statement Jun 23

Halwin School Teaching and Learning Policy May 2022