Art & Design

At Halwin Primary School, we value Art as a subject, to inspire and develop our children’s creative thinking and to develop their cultural, spiritual and moral understanding. We encourage all our children at Halwin to express their thoughts and emotions in a safe and appropriate way. It is embedded in everything we do and Art is a fantastic medium, which can support and empower our children to do this. We teach our children to be reflective of their work and respectful of

We take inspiration from artists, learning more about them and their style, which we then apply to our own work. We plan and teach sequenced art lessons based on skills, using a range of media and give the children opportunities to apply the skills learned in other areas of the curriculum, making the lessons relevant and meaningful.

We aim to develop the skills in each media over the next few years to embed our understanding as staff and to fully support our children in developing the key skills needed to ensure progression.

Art and Design Intent, Implementation and Impact

Art skills progression